How to Apply the Concept of two Minute Drilling in Hotmail

How to Apply the Concept of two Minute Drilling in Hotmail

Hotmail is amazing mail platform that makes sure that its user may enjoy enhanced mail exchange experience online. Hotmail is so widely used for professional mail exchange because it takes care of its user’s privacy and security but it is equally used for personal mail exchange as well because it provides easy to use customer oriented services. With this hotmail is a complete package for enhanced mail services.

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With all this it is also easy to use and customer oriented and thus it is so widely used. Above all it is better to know that even when at extreme cases in hotmail all types of issues can be solved by taking easy help from Hotmail Support Number UK.

It is so obvious that when hotmail is so widely used for professional and personal mail exchange one may have hundreds of mails gathered in hotmail inbox and sometimes when to merged to reach thousands it becomes hard to manage thus 2 minute drilling concept was launched by hotmail according to which it is advisable that you find 2 minutes each day from your busy routine to check and manage your mails in your hotmail inbox and this may include:

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  1. Forward it – If the mail is not meant for you simply forward it.
  2. Mark it unread or flag it – If you think it is important and can’t be read in a minute or two you may mark is an unread or flag it to read it in future when you get time.
  3. Read it and reply – If mail is important and short read it and send a meaningful reply but remember it must not take more than 2 minutes other leave it for further actions later in future.
  4. Delete it – If messages inside the recived are not at all important simply delete it.

With these easy and immediate actions you may manage your inbox even on the most busy hotmail inbox. If you are able to spare few minutes at right time you need not to spend hours managing your hotmail inbox. It is quite easy to manage and maintain a clean and easy to access mail platform if you make this 2 minute drilling your daily routine habit. It is easy to use and easy to apply method of hotmail but in case you still face any issues you may obtain easy help to do this from Hotmail Contact Number.

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