How to Fix Outlook File Data cannot be Accessed Error?

How to Fix Outlook File Data cannot be Accessed Error?

While working, in the middle of something essential, clients may all of a sudden go over the accompanying mistake while Sending or Receiving of an Email Message in Outlook 2013 which says a sending detailed blunder message as ‘Fix Outlook Data File Cannot be Accessed.'” The blunder falls in the class of the basic area as found by Hotmail Support Service Number specialists too it might likewise happen if the Outlook profile is adulterated. The Outlook mistake can be experienced by clients while exchanging the Outlook .PST document to another area on the plate or to another PC. Be that as it may, our expert specialists have discovered an answer for it which is outstandingly valuable to apply.

Effective steps to fix the error Outlook/Hotmail information file can’t be accessed to problem:-

Step 1:- Firstly open the Outlook or Hotmail and then go to the “Account Settings” tab.

Step 2:-  After this, in the Outlook page, go to the “Email” option and afterward highlight the account with the issue.

Step 3:- Then essentially tap on the “Change Folder” link.

Step 4:- After that, you can tap on the new Outlook Data File or document button next.

Step 5:- Now Save the data name for the new information document by naming it as “TEST”.

Word as proposed by a team of Outlook or Hotmail Support specialists and afterward tap on the ok button. The expansion is important for the new info or data file which was named as TEST and after that select the “Inbox” subfolder. Now pick the okay button.

Step 6:- While working at the “Account Settings” you have to tap on the “Change Folder” link once more.

Step 7:- Simply pick your option of time selected by tapping on the right information document and additionally folder s so you can store email and afterward pick the okay tab.

Step 8:- At the last, simply close the “Account Settings” tab and then click on Send or Receive alternative. You ‘re completely done here!

Well, starting at now, your Outlook or Hotmail problem has been resolved. In any case, despite everything we suggested you to connect with our experts at our online help department to solve your issues immediately.

The most helpful method to connecting with third party technical support service is through toll free helpline 0800- 046-5027. Dial this Hotmail Contact Number and enter the universe of happy Hotmail account experience where each Hotmail error would be handled with full verification logic’s, each uncertainty will be cleared with definite solutions, each problem will be unraveled with all through help, each non-technical problem will be fixed with suitable advice, and finally there will be updates and data alongside tips.

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