Meister Task – The Intuitive Task Manager of Outlook

Meister Task – The Intuitive Task Manager of Outlook

When people prefer the most highly secured mail platform they only trust outlook over other existing mail platform. All this is because of the advantages services it offers. When outlook provides mail oriented services it is far better and specialized than other existing mail platform because it offers only mail related applications on its platform and nothing else. All these mail applications of outlook are quite easy to use and customer friendly but if users face any issues using any of the Outlook mail services easy help is rightly available at Hotmail Contact Number UK.

Hotmail Support Number UKIt is great that even though Outlook is restricted to mail services itself it is often accompanied with services that are for its users. Outlook provides enhanced additional services as well. Outlook has best mail services for employees as well and with it also provides an efficient tool to manage your team’s workflow. The Meister Task is available as a add-in to your outlook account that enables it users to quickly save emails as tasks in the outlook project board. All this can be effectively done without actually copy/paste or re-enter the content into another app.

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It is very easy to use the Meister Task add-in because just like other existing outlook app one can simply use this app of outlook by clicking on the tap the Create Task icon. One can also add new tasks to this directly from the incoming emails which can be then forwarded to your employees further for assigning them work or sharing easily access of the task details to your coworkers.

Easy features of Meister tasks are:-

  • It let you create an unlimited number of projects for your workers.
  • You may choose to invite others to collaborate with you on this app.
  • It also supports activity streams that can record all actions of the outlook users.
  • It also supports time tracking as well.
  • This outlook adds in also have an option of My Tasks widget which displays all tasks across all projects running on outlook.
  • Other than the focus widget displays it also shows all the tasks of the users which may also include the things that are due, overdue or manually starred by you.
  • It also let users add attachments right from Google Drive, Drop box, Mind Meister or your local hard drive.
  • It also let your add tasks right from the email.
  • With this outlook app you may also follow another team member’s task.
  • It has checklists and predefined checklists.
  • With this top managers may effectively maintain better Task relationships because it allows them to manage tasks.
  • It also displays the Notifications for a new emails, desktop, sound; push option so that user never misses any.
  • It also supports Tags & you can also add due dates to it.
  • It also have option of Filter tasks

When you have right services of work management right at your outlook platform why would you like to switch to any other platform and then this easy to use add in of outlook which everyone enjoy to use but in case if users face any issue using this outlook app or any other outlook app you may obtain easy help from Hotmail Support Number UK  0800-046-5027.

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